About Me

Hi!  I’m Brianne.Isla -- Dec 2017-93.jpg

Wife to Shane (married 9 years)
Mom to Jackson (8) Malia (6) and Isla (newborn)
Work: My dream job, Stay-At-Home-Mom
Fun job: Wedding Day-of-Coordinator

I enjoy hot yoga (Namaste), drinking delicious wine (cheers), traveling to new places with my family and brewing kombucha.

Welcome to my blog where I share meals and recipes that embrace the paleo lifestyle mixed with family friendly (and time-friendly!) food.

I discovered the Whole30 program in 2014 after learning that I suffer from a debilitating condition called Spinal Stenosis.  I woke up on New Year’s Day 2014 and couldn’t move my neck.  Throughout the day and the rest of the week, the discomfort went from my neck to shooting pains down my right arm.  After months and months of physical therapy, doctors’ visits, sleepless nights and honestly, self-medicating with a bottle of wine and Vicodin every.single.night – I was desperate to try ANYTHING.  My good friend, Ashley, suggested the Whole30 program.  I thought, there is no way food is going to fix my neck – but I trusted Ashley, and knew she wanted me better.  She sent me a copy of, It Starts with Food, and I began to read. After 2 chapters, I closed the book and started meal planning immediately; I began my first Whole30 the next day.  My results were astonishing; besides the fact my neck pain was gone after 2 weeks, I had so many other positives that kept me going: Better sleep, clear skin, zero bloat, down 2 sizes and best of all – changed eating habits. I learned that I can in fact, live without cheese, coffee creamer, snickers bars for lunch and my favorite: pizza. I was drinking the Whole30 Kool-Aid and wanted everyone I knew to drink it with me!

Since then, I have gone on to complete 10 Whole30’s; one every September, to flush out all the toxins from the summer {insert all the drinking emojis} and one every January (to reset from the holidays). When I’m not doing a Whole30, I’m a fairly strict Paleo eater. I believe that the program helps determine what foods agree with YOUR body and nobody can decide what those foods are except YOU. Creating the balance is key to maintaining a Whole30/Paleo lifestyle. Find what works with your body and maintain that balance.

Speaking of balance – part of starting this blog is to encourage busy moms (and dads) to create a daily life that is less stressful and more rewarding.  Working, cooking, exercise, family time, and friends is a lot to juggle.  I hope that I can show you how to do it all and continue to make healthy choices while enjoying incredible food and feeling great doing it.

So grab a beverage and start clicking. I’ve got it all here, breakfasts, parties, desserts, weeknight meals in under 30 minutes. If you’re looking for something new, ask! If you’re interested in meal planning and prep, shoot me an email. I’m thrilled to be in this space and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here too.