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Part 2 : First Trimester : Tips and Meal Schedule

If you are back for more about my First Trimester woes, welcome!

(If you haven’t read Part 1, click the link below)

I hope Part 1: First Trimester: Allowing bad (temporary) habits and giving myself grace was either:

A. Helpful to current pregnant mamas struggling with morning sickness.
B. Provided insight to my followers as to why I was absent for the last few months.
C. Showed the world that I’m not perfect, and don’t claim to be..
D. All of the above.

Since I opened up with my morning sickness struggles, I also wanted to share with you my meal schedule for the first trimester.  My morning sickness started at roughly 6 weeks and lasted until 13 weeks, 2 days (yes, I praised the day it stopped).  7 weeks of eating what I normally consider “garbage” but was my saving grace.  No, I did not hurt my baby with my food choices and I’m thankful I didn’t experience too negative of a reaction to these foods. I made my choices and decided to connect zero guilt to those choices.

For the record, I am not telling my followers to rush out and purchase these items, no no no.  I am offering my support and giving suggestions for what my choices were.  I always tried to choose a “heathier/Paleo/locally sourced” option with each craving, if it permitted.

6:00am – Right out of bed, eat a bowl of cereal with macadamia nut milk

8:00am – Bagel with cream cheese

10:00amOld-fashioned glazed donut and a small smoothie or piece of fruit
12:00pm – Lunch: either Kraft Mac n Cheese, soup, or BLT sandwich
2:00pm – Granola or Fig Bar and Banana
4:00pm – A handful of cookies
6:00pm – Dinner: This varied every night. I usually didn’t decide until about 30 minutes before.  Options were: Jet City Pizza (local pizza joint with GF crust, minimal cheese and added vegetables),
Newman’s Own pizza, Sushi, or Burgermaster (locally sourced Grass-fed burger on gluten-free bun. Don’t ask me how this was okay, it just worked).
8:00pm – Paleo Granola with macadamia nut milk and sliced fruit
9:00pm – Prenatal vitamins
10:00pmHomemade banana bread

Some other tips that helped with my morning sickness:

  • Prenatal pills right before bed (set your phone for a reminder). I did a LOT of research on pre-natal pills, and the Honest Brand combination offers everything I need to nourish my body for baby. To sign up to receive your monthly shipment, click HERE.
  • Eat smaller portions, like, kid-size portions. When we would eat out, my husband and I would share a dish, and then he would order and additional side.
  • Eat dinner after family if necessary. There were times I couldn’t eat when dinner was served to my family.  The times I forced myself to eat, I would feel even more sick. Instead, eat when you are ready, even if that means eating at bedtime.
  • PROTEIN! Since protein is so important during the first trimester and the thought of meat repulsed me, I need to get creative with incorporating it into my diet.  Enter Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.   I added it to anything I could think of (even my kombucha – which looked horrible, BTW).  I added it to my milk with my cereal, smoothies, tea, and banana bread mix.
  • Peppermint gum.
  • Fresh Air. A walk around the block first thing in the morning helped tremendously.

I am thrilled to report that since my morning sickness ended, I have been able to re-incorporate meat, vegetables and eggs again (YES!).  I still can’t stand the sight or smell of chicken, but I’m okay with that, I know it’s temporary.  I do allow myself some “bad” cravings, but I am much more aware of the fact that I don’t “need” them. My current food obsessions are:

I hope these tips will help mamas struggling with morning sickness. I have to admit, I always had this belief that perhaps pregnant mamas were exaggerating their condition for whatever reason; boy, was I wrong, SO WRONG.  Morning sickness is real, it’s difficult to grasp and I would never wish it upon anyone.  Remember, give yourself some grace during this time.  If you need permission, you just got it.



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