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Welcome to my blog




I’m Brianne Makanani, former Taco Bell & Papa Johns closet eater, turned nutrition and health and wellness addict. I am a busy wife and mother of two (Jackson, 7 & Malia, 5), full-time working woman, and constantly striving to find the balance.  I don’t have it all, and I try not to pretend to.  I don’t have time for elaborate meals, so I try to find healthy, tasty and EASY recipes to fuel my family. I follow a fairly strict Paleo diet (wine is Paleo, right?) along with incorporating the Whole30 program twice a year.

It Starts With Food is something you’ll hear me say often; but I also believe fitness is important for mind, body and soul.  Yoga is my church/gym/happy place – so you’ll also see me dabble in the significance of maintaining an active lifestyle.

I know blogs are so 2008, but I felt I needed a platform to share my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, to inspire and encourage YOU to look at food differently, and to hopefully share some recipes that I believe to be amazeballs. I promise to post my favorite meals, kid-friendly lunches, meal plans and tips & tricks (for hosting a healthy family gathering, football party, baby shower, etc.).  My favorite is to take non-paleo recipes and recreate as Paleo (and even better tasting!) I also welcome suggestions!  If you want to see more of something – just holler at me:

That’s it for now. At some point I’ll dive into how I went from crunch wrap supremes to kale salad, but for now, I’ll leave with the reason I do what I do.

Makanani Family, Hawaii 2016

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. YAAAYYYY! You have ALWAYS inspired me Brianne! ❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to see all the yummy recipes I will DEFINATELY be using! ALWAYS love a new Whole30 recipe!


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